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98% of respondents would recommend CORE360 to friends

Amazon rating of 4.5 stars


Reviews by real FlexiScore® customers

And there are a lot more of the verified purchase reviews on our Amazon or Ebay product pages

by Katt G.

"Core360 helped me to jumpstart my weightloss program - I was recommended to combine flexibility and stretching with cardio and 2 months later I just love the way every part of my body moves. I am in my fourties now and feel more energetic than ever!. I feel fitter, healthier, more flexible now than I did when I was in my thirties... like a whole new woman." Katt 


by Eddie W.

"With FlexiScore® I am achieving powerful results and seeing significant increase in motivation to train harder. Core360 is the most space-efficient, widest range-equipped body flexibility and core training-tracking option available. I discovered Core360 and said goodbye to oversized, outdated sit & reach test boxes and marking tapes on the floor, rulers and angle measuring tools."

by Jessica H.

"I randomly ordered this because I am a personal trainer who travels to clients' homes to train. I needed a flexibility tester that was portable and easy to carry. This fit the bill so I gave it a shot. It is wonderful. I received the product with a hand written post-it note from the head of the company thanking me for my purchase. I also followed them on Twitter and the head of the company personally tweets and thanks everyone and really encourages their customers to live a well and healthy life."

by Ursula L.

"I teach elementary PE and both students and I really enjoy these mats! They are space efficient, easy to use, and affordable - way better than a cardboard box and a metre stick!!! Students can easily see their flexibility scores, both before and after stretching."

by Stanley K.

"I was looking for something to do with the presidential fitness test and the sit and reach test boxes were just too expensive. This hit the right spot compared to the box."

by Monica A.

"I think the CORE 360 idea is totally awesome. You don't have to have a bunch of testing and measuring tools laying around to track your progress. Love the fact that it is all in one. Overall, for me this mat is really useful every week and worth to have."

by Rachel S.

"I saw this featured in my gym after yoga class and I purchased it - mostly because my instructor recommended it. I was pleasantly surprised! It really helps me keep track of my progress."

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