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Morning Cardio Gives You All Day Benefits 

The great thing about cardio is that it can be done at any time, and any place! But morning cardio can give you an array of health benefits to keep you going throughout the day! Check out what it can do:



Gives You Energy

Getting your blood pumping in the morning can keep you up and energized while you slug through your busy work day. You won’t be reaching for your third cup of coffee if you get in some cardio in the A.M.



Supercharges Your Metabolism 

While you get your cardio on, your body is burning up fat. Couple that with a big glass of water after your run so you can flush out waste. This routine will signal your metabolism to kick it into high gear!



Stabilizes Your Mood

Morning exercise in general can leave you feeling positive and proactive. But cardio, because of it’s intense nature, can really pack a punch!



Don’t Skip Breakfast

Your body needs fuel to burn or else your workout will be useless. That being said, overeating pre-cardio won’t help you either. Fill up in moderation. Try oatmeal – filling but heavy enough not to slosh in your stomach.



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